Patient Access

Patient Access is a service provided by EMIS that allows you to access your practice online. Patient Access includes a number of optional features, including:

Your practice may not offer all these features. Ask your practice which ones are available.

Frequently asked questions

Getting started

Registering for the service

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General issues

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Getting started

Can I use Patient Access?

Your practice needs to offer the service, and you need to register. About one in four practices currently offer this service. When you register, a check will be made to see if your practice offers the service. If they do not do so, you can indicate that you are interested during the registration process.

How does Patient Access work?

Patient Access connects to your practice’s EMIS clinical system. Think of it as a window into your practice’s services. For Patient Access to work, your practice must set it up to allow patients to sign in.

Is Patient Access a free service?

Yes, Patient Access is free to practices and patients.

Is my information secure?

Yes, all information sent to or from Patient Access is secure. All information is encrypted and protected using the highest internet security standards.

When is the service available?

The service is typically available at all times. Your practice might stop the service for short periods during the night so that they can do essential maintenance.

Registering for the service

To register, go online to and click Patient Access. There are two levels of registration:

Limited registration, without PIN or Access ID

You can register online without first visiting your practice. The system creates an account which is limited to allowing you to book appointments. To get access to all the features that your practice offers, you will need to request this in person at your practice.

Full registration using a PIN and Access ID

To get access to all the Patient Access features, you need a PIN and Access ID. To get these, visit your practice with photographic identification (such as a driver license or passport) and ask to be registered for Patient Access. The practice will give you your PIN and Access ID. Go to the Patient Access web site. On the login page, click Create an account (this will be renamed to Registration in the future) and enter these details when asked. The system will guide you through the process of setting up a Patient Access account.

The web site says my practice does not use Patient Access but I know it does

Some practices use Patient Access but do not offer the ability to register without visiting the practice first. You will need to take photographic ID to your practice and asked to be registered.

The web site says details I enter do not match the details my practice has

The details you enter need to exactly match the ones that your practice has. If you are getting this message, contact your practice.

Why does the site ask for my email address and mobile number?

These details are stored at your practice (not by us) so that if you ever forget your User ID or password we can send them to you. When you enter these details they will also be updated in your practice record.

Why does the site ask me security questions?

These will be needed later, if and when you want to reset your password.

Why are the security questions so specific and why are there two of them?

Our security experts strongly recommend that we use a number of very specific questions so that we do not compromise the security of your medical details. We continue to review feedback on this, but we will not compromise on security.

Signing in

Why does the sign-in box ask for two details rather than three?

Patient Access now uses a single User ID in place of the old Practice ID and Access ID numbers. To get your User ID, enter your Practice ID and Access ID on the middle pane of the Login page, then click Get my User ID. From now on, use the User ID to sign in. Your password does not change.

Why can’t I sign in?

Check the following:

If you still can’t sign in, you may want to reset your password or get a User ID reminder. If you still cannot sign in, contact your practice and ask them to help.

Why is the service not available?

Most practices stop their Patient Access system for about two hours every night. If the problem persists for more than two hours, or occurs during the day, contact your practice so they can investigate.

I've forgotten my password – what do I do?

If you are in England you can reset your password online. You can find the link on the home page. You will need to answer two of the security questions that you provided. Also your practice must have a record of your email address and mobile number.

If you cannot reset your password online, visit your practice and ask them to reset your account. Following the reset, you will be required to re-register onto Patient Access.

I've forgotten my User ID – what do I do?

If you know your Practice ID and Access ID, on the front page enter these in the Get my User ID box to generate your User ID.

If you are in England and your practice has your email address, you can get a reminder online by following the link on the home page. If you cannot use the User ID reminder, contact your practice.

Why has the system locked me out for an hour?

If you have three unsuccessful attempts to sign in, your account will be locked for one hour. If you are locked out for more than one hour contact your practice.

Can I sign in from any computer or mobile device?

Yes, you can use Patient Access from any device that allows Web access, including tablets and mobiles. You don't need to re-register. Just be sure to sign out when you have finished using the service, especially if you are using a public computer, such as at a library or internet café.

How do I change my password, details and security questions?

Sign in and then follow the appropriate link in the Your Details section on the home page.

I'm having problems with cookies

To use Patient Access, you need to enable cookies. Read our cookies policy here:

Where is the sign in button now on

It’s on the right of the page near the top:

Patient Access sign in button location on

Alternatively, go directly to


How do I book appointments?

If your practice offers this service, there is a link called Book an appointment in the Appointments section of the home page after you have signed in.

Where is the link to book appointments?

If this link is missing contact your practice. Your practice configures which features are available to you on the Patient Access site.

What do I do if there are no appointments available?

Contact your practice directly and explain your needs. If you require an urgent or emergency appointment, contact your practice immediately and do not use Patient Access.

Why can't I book more appointments?

Your practice sets a maximum to the number of appointments that you can book at one time. If this is a problem, ask them to consider increasing the limit. (The same limit applies to every patient.)

Why can't I book a nurse appointment?

Some practices don't offer nurse appointments. This is because, unlike most doctors, nurses book very different amounts of time for different procedures.

Why can't I enter a longer reason for appointment?

The reason that you provide is displayed on your doctor's computer screen (and on the receptionist’s screen). The program that does this only has a limited space to show the reason. The length that you are allowed reflects this restriction.


How do I order a repeat prescription?

If your practice offers this service there is a link called Make a request in the Repeat Prescriptions section of the home page after you have signed in.

The link to order a prescription is missing

If this link is missing contact your practice. They control what appears on the Patient Access site.

How do I know when my prescription is ready?

When the status is shown as Accepted, the request has been approved. You might need to wait another two working days before you can collect it. Check with your practice for specific collection times.

Why does my prescription status say "Rejected"?

There can be a number of reasons for this; contact your practice for more information.

I want to request a drug that isn't on my repeat list

The system cannot show drugs or medication unless your doctor has authorised them as repeat items. Contact your practice to request these items.

I cannot send a message from the prescription screen without selecting an item

The message box on the prescription screen is only for requesting prescriptions. To send a general message, click Send a message in the Messages section on the home page if the link is available. To order medication that is not on your list, contact your practice.


How do I send a message?

If your practice offers this service there is a link called Send a message in the Messages section of the home page after you have signed in.

When sending a message I get an error saying characters are not allowed

You can only use letters, numbers, full stops, commas and apostrophes.

Why is there a limit on the number of characters allowed in messages?

This is because there is limited space on the computer screens in the practice where the messages are displayed.

Medical record

How do I view my medical record?

If your practice offers this service there is a link called View your medical record in the Medical Record section of the home page after you have signed in.

Why can’t I view my medical record?

This is because the practice does not allow it. Contact them to request access to your medical record.

Why do I have to sign in again to view my medical record?

Viewing Medical Record uses a different computer system than the other parts of Patient Access and requires a separate sign in for security reasons.

General issues

I get a message saying I'm attempting to access functionality that is not available

Contact your practice.

I get a message saying there was an error processing my request

Contact your practice and let them know what you were trying to do when the error occurred.

I have an idea for improvement

You can post ideas for improvements to Patient Access here:

You can also vote for ideas here. Note: this is not a support forum.

Other issues

I have a problem that is not answered above

Contact your practice.